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Romanovsky Drawing zone

Black to play
  • Definition
  • Rules


  • King is cut along a file

  • Rook is in front of the pawn

    • In a 1 file cut off, if the king is on the short side, defender switches to lateral checks
    • The pawn on the fifth is a win if defender king is on the long side and the pawn is a central pawn (c,d,e,f)
    • The interesting cases occur when the pawn is on the 4th

Pawn on the 4th Rank

  • Central Pawns (c,d,e,f)

    • 2 file cut off wins
    • 1 file cut off wins with K on the 7th
  • Knight Pawns (b,g)

    • 3 file cut off wins
    • 2 file cut off draws
    • 1 file cut off draws with king on the 6th or 7th

Pawn on the 3rd

  • 3 file cut off wins

Special Thanks to:

  • Paolo Casaschi (pgn4web)
  • Chess and ChessBoard (gitHub)
  • Weaver's Space (Joe Workman and everybody there, incredibly helpful)